For the Kids

Lovey blanket for the baby in your life. Snuggle security blanket LOVEY. 

A variety of baby Lovey blankets are great when riding in the car or going on short trips.  Easy to take along and babies love to snuggle with these. 

Hand crocheted with soft acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. 

A colorful, lovable, security blanket your baby will snuggle with for a long time. Babies and Toddlers love to have something to snuggle up with, so these baby Lovey blanket are the perfect companion. Adds a little sweetness to the soul and extra comfort, so your little one can hug him/her while napping and feel a great sense of security.

The shape of the Loveys are scalloped/ square or pointed stars and measures approx 16" across.
Perfectly baby SAFE!

This blanket is made using 100% acrylic yarn machine washable.
Please be sure that your baby does not have any allergies to these fibers. 

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