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For the Home

A variety of colors for the home. Natural Cotton Knit Washcloth, Eco friendly, Knitted dishcloth, Exfoliating cloth , Reusable, Set of 3, Ready to Ship!

Hand knitted washcloths made with 100% cotton yarn. They come in a set of three, each measuring 7" square. These washcloth/dishcloths would look so great in your kitchen or bathroom. The soft color makes them stand out. The washcloths are eco-friendly and also make a great exfoliating cloth and are reusable over and over again.

Perfect for baby or bridal showers, babies love them because they are super soft and hold the lather. Brides love them as a great spa gift. The knitted washcloths make great gifts for home warming parties and welcoming new babies. 

Close knitted stitches keep the lather of the soap directly in the cotton cloth, makes perfect bath accessories. The set is in stock and ready to ship.