More about me


Things I love:
Activities - Crocheting - Knitting - Hiking - Flea Markets - Photography -
Music - Fleetwood Mac - Beatles - Eric Clapton - The Cure - Love-n-Rockets
Movies - Pretty Woman - Wizard of Oz - Gone with the Wind - 9-1/2 Weeks-
Automobiles - Chevy's - Dodge's - Harley Davidson's
TV shows - X-Factor - The Profit - Married at First Sight - Hell's Kitchen
Places - Montana - Arizona - New York- Pennsylvania - New Hampshire
Everday - Peace - Love - Happiness - Flowers - Mountains - Waterfalls







At the age of 17 is where it all started.  I was getting ready to become a "MOM" for the first time and I wanted an afghan for the baby's crib. Oh my!  I didn't know how to hold a crochet hook let alone make a baby blanket. So every day at lunch the ladies I worked with taught me the stitches to make that baby blanket. Now 40 years later I'm still at it, but now I make all sorts of crazy things. I must admit, I love it.
I started small with a few hats and potholders, but today anything is game.  I love to crochet or knit everything and anything, I especially love bright bold "COLORS" and fine "FIBERS". I love the old days when clothing just flowed in the wind and colors were magical and paisley like. Whimsy is a great word used to describe what I see when I crochet and knit. The design has to be right, The yarn has to be correct and the colors must speak to one another.  I continue to make my favorite "Bohemian Vest"  and it makes me happy that people  send me photos of  them on their Boho journey.